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With more than 200 hacking jobs completed around the world, we provide premium hacking services with high security assured


Safety of every client is guaranteed at Crystal Hackers, your details are safe with us.

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Our Services are fully operational and out policies are available to be read at any time


With years of experience and adequate technology, we have 99% accuracy.

We work with the best technologies

With the use of the latest and  most sophisticated technological resources to ensure that you have access to any infomation you seek for.


Social Media Hacks

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype, Whatsapp, Instagram Verification, Twitter Verification, Recovery of Deleted accounts etc

Bitcoin Hack

Bitcoin Doubling,Bitcoin Mining Software and scripts for sale

Email Hacks

Yahoo mail, Gmail, Icloud, Yandex, Outlook , etc

Phone Hacks

Android,Windows, Huawei,
Iphone, etc

Credit Score Hacks

Increase your score, CC Top Up, Removing Hard Inquiries,Clearing of Debts etc


School Grades Editing,Hacking Company Website,IP/Cell Phone Tracking,Paypal Hacks,Western Union and Moniegram Hacks,etc


Most frequent questions and answers

Our payment methods include Western Union, Bitcoins, Paypal and Gift Cards.

Certain methods are faster than others depending on your location and  currency. Once you have made the decision to carry out the hack, you can contact us on any of our Whatsapp contacts, or send a dm to us on IG or Twitter  or send an email using one of the contact forms where we will so we can walk you through the process.

Amount Differs depending on what you wanna do, Regardless, we strive to set affordable costs on all our services

This question is asked mostly when working on social media hacks, we know the implications of what we are doing and we wouldn’t make it affect our Clients for any reason. So we are extra Careful 


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I'm really glad i found crystal hackers.I was guessed my girlfriend was cheating on me,so i contacted these guys for a whatsapp and SMS hack, and also for cell tracking. I found out i was really being cheated on
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